October 14, 2011

ODE to the Early Works

Todays random post is inspired by Julie at the rosewood pencil box and her fun post oh, the early work: a contest/blogfest. Here she shares her first creative stories of dinosaurs and wolfs... aren't you intrigued? Head over there and check it out and join the fun of posting about your early work. You could win cool prizes and plus its always fun to see where everyone starts this intoxicating journey of writing.

My early works started when I was four. I had this built in desk in my front room that my mother stung a long curtain from one side to the other so she could use it for storage and hid boxes under it. Well I would push the boxes out and make a fort under there. To this day I swear it was like a secret porthole or something because it took me to this exciting imaginary world (it kind of sounds like Narnia now that I think of it... haha). Any who, this is where I can physically remember stories starting to develop in my head. It was so magical back then *giant smiles*!!

Once I was old enough to go to school my priorities kind of changed. I was still a VERY creative kid but started to express it in drawings that more or less told a stories themselves.... 

Chubby Dino People in Love
(Yes I drew them, don't make fun of me... :) )
I know I wrote quite a few little stories for school but I have no idea what they were about... probably chubby dino people falling in love.  :)

My first "real" story I remember writing was about a boy named Ethan who was listening to his.... get this.... Diskman (wow that makes me feel old) in his room when he sees a person dressed all in black walk into his neighbors backyard with a duffle bag. The person comes back, without the bag and picks a yellow flower from the front yard and gets into a car and drives away. Come to find out the night before the local back was robbed and one of the suspects in his neighbor who lives in the same house he saw the person with the duffle bag. I named it "The Yellow Flower". I thought I was being so cool... hahaha!

After that I really got into writing pomes. I thought I was being sneaky by expressing my feelings about people with out coming right out and saying it. Let me tell you.... I just read them like ten minutes ago, Tristyn and you weren't fooling anyone. I have to laugh at this one too because I HONESTLY thought no one knew who I was talking about.  :)

So there you have it some of my early days in the life of a writer. The crazy thing about all of this is when I wrote "The Yellow Flower" I knew that some day this would be my passion, to write and create 
new worlds were a part of me could live in.

Join me in Juliemybird's awesome blogfest/contest and share your early works with other aspiring writers. 

What were some of your early works? Where they as random as mine?


  1. I love "The Yellow Flower". Very mysterious! And cute dino pic...I don't know how I missed out on so much dino love when I was young, but everyone else was feeling it, apparently!

  2. Bahaha they are cute! I remember being in Utah while Whitney was doing a volleyball tournament, and mom took me out there and was telling me stories about living there, she told me about the desk fort you had and how shed make you paint the sidewalk :) I liked getting to hear your take on it too! I love you, and I have 134.6% faith in you that you'll succeed in your current endeavor :)

  3. After my early stories I had an angsty teenage poetry phase too - I'm definitely glad to be back to non-autobiographical fiction.

    And I LOVE your chubby dino couple!

  4. Aww I love it!! Those stories actually sound pretty cool! I would have read the one about the flower!! New follower through the blogfest :) Nice to meet you!

  5. That picture is awesome, those are the best chubby dinos I've ever seen. :)