About Me

Hello! :)

Im an artist-turned-stay at home mom-turned-avid reader-turned-writer..... if thats even possible but thats what I am in a nut shell.

I love doing anything creative: writing, crafts, sewing (the little I can do), and making art pieces with anything I can get my hands on. I have a few guilty pleasures which include thrift store shopping and organizing things (dorky I know...). If I could live in Washington state I would because I LOVE the rain, the ocean, and all of the nautical things that go along with it. I'm totally obsessed with reading which is weird because it wasn't my thing when I was a kid instead I loved to make up stories and go on adventures. I still love to do those things but I have to add stepping into the world of other people stories to it.

I finished writing my first YA urban fantasy in 2011 and secretly wish for it to be published. I've been really busy compiling a GIANT list of sweet ideas for another story thats been building in my head and finally it has emerged onto the once blank computer screen.... *squeal*.... :)

I'm new to this blogging world but am trying to get my feet wet as quickly as I can. All in all I'm just really happy to be making new fellow writer and bookish friends. :)