September 10, 2011

Do you remember my "Guilty Pleasure"?

So today I was at the library with little-G and while we were playing with puppets I realized how unorganized all of the toys were, not to mention the fact that crayons littered the ground from corner to corner of the small play area too. Being the organizer I am I couldn't not pick up all of the crayons, dinosaurs, puppets, felt board cut outs, paper, random books, and play dishes.... oh yeah I also made sure all of the chairs were pushed in too.  :) I know it's a little compulsive but I couldn't help myself. I can only imagine what the lady at one of the little round tables was thinking as I busily stuffed puppets into a tote. "CRAZY!" Oh well, at least I left it cleaner than when I got there. +2 points for me! Wahoo!

What drives you crazy when you go out in public? 

1 comment:

  1. LOL i can totally picture you too :)one time we were checking out in line and this kid had snot all over his face and the dad wiped it off with his OWN sleeve!! BARF!